Is the traditional office a thing of the past?

Century Upholstery News   •   April, 18, 2019

Traditional may not be a thing of the past but making it your own is a thing of the future.

In this day and age we are accustomed to doing thing our own way. Bringing our own touch to every aspect of our life. Our home being our number one canvas of self expression. With millions of DIY projects to make your home your own. Why would your office furniture be an exception? 

The easiest thought is to go out to a store, or browse online for a piece that can complement your space. But what if you could take it one step further and be behind every aspect of that new piece? In other words, what if you were able to make decisions over color, texture, and something as big as comfort. Yes comfort! With upholstery you can chose the type of foam you would most feel comfortable with. With different options for firmness, it is nice to find the one that will suit you best. In conclusion, you’re receiving comfort while creating a unique piece that makes a fabulous statement in your office.  Sounds like a thing of the future!

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