Ask good questions and get better answers

Century Upholstery News   •  April 19, 2019


What is Upholstery ?

Why have furniture upholstered when you can buy new?

When should I consider upholstery?

What type of items are worthy of being reupholstered?

What, Why, When ? All fair questions to ask when you are embarking into an upholstery journey.

Furniture, just like many other things in life, becomes a part of your home. You either hold a sentimental value for the pieces or the pieces are of great quality that provide exactly what you need in a space. The thing with sentimental value and perfect pieces is that they can’t be replaced. That’s when we come in and help you bring those items back to life. Furniture just needs TLC to bring it back to its former glory. We do just that by striping the pieces down to the core and slowly bringing everything back to life with new foam, layers of Dacron, new fabric, and a good touch up to make the wood shine like before.